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Inauguration des nouveaux locaux de l'agence CCA BAFOUSSAM A ce 05 Novembre 2014! +++ +++ La Direction Générale d'OFFICE S.A. installe son nouveau showroom à Rue ABBIA Yaoundé. +++ +++ L'usine de transformation de riz d' AFRIFOOD est en construction. +++ +++ L'édition sportive AFRIGROUP SOCCER est en cours, avec les phases éliminatoires.



Build a solid group of companies, and contribute effectively to the development of Africa.



AFRIGROUP is the inspiration of Mr. ALBERT NKEMLA, who did Finances as training and worked in various banks in Cameroon. He eventually moved to his own account after a period of unemployment. He seized the opportunity of the high demand of medicinal plants abroad and chose to invest in the agricultural field.


This activity required a lot of resources and manpower to develop the production and exportation of these plants. It is because of the increasing demand and therefore foreign exchange earnings related to these exportations that came in the idea of the creation of a savings and credit cooperative. This motivation was enhanced by two (02) other reasons:


1. Mobilize resources needed to finance the agricultural exportation.

2. Recycle operating revenues.

3. Taking advantage of the banking crisis in the 80s-90s,

4. Bankers became unemployed, informal traders were neglected, when they did not close or reduce their network; these conditions made it favorable for the creation of a saving and credit cooperative, which retrieves layers of informal clients that have been abandoned by the system.


The banker’s experience which helped in the development of inclusive finance, became exponential and generated a significant excess liquidity.


The vision of funding which was no longer restricted to its activity, became the funding of the Cameroonian economy in general.


The success of the savings and credit cooperative fostered the emergence of AFRIMED, which in turn led to the creation of other companies in the group. In particular AFRILEC


Creating AFRIEXCHANGE results from the following observation through which CCA was dominated on the money transfer and manual currency exchange in the local market. Which was therefore an extension activity with this lightweight structure.


The network has become significant, the high consumption of office products has led to the creation of OFFICE SA to meet the needs at lower cost.


This was followed by the creation of other companies such as; SCI-AFG, VIDECOM, AFRIASSURE, AFRIFOOD.




Companies that constitute AFRIGROUP Holding PLC exercise in a variety of fields. They help boost activity in areas such as: Finance, Computer Engineering, Food Industry, Health Insurance, General Trade and Import-Export.

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